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Hi, I wonder if anyone can advise? I prepared my garden for turfing four weeks back. Apart from raking the surface to a crumble finish it was completely ready for turf having been dug over twice, compost added and then levelled out with topsoil. However, for various reasons I didn't lay the turf.

The area has been left alone for four weeks now. Would I be ok to rake it over lightly and lay turf or do I need to dig over again?

Thanks in advance. 


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 35,156

    Unless you've had adverse weather conditions - torrential rain, snow etc - it should be fine. Sometimes it can be beneficial to leave ground to settle for a while, as it can flag up any dips or humps, which you can then address with extra soil/compost or a rake before getting the turf down.  image  

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  • Thanks Fairygirl, no adverse weather at all! Thanks so much for the good news. I don't seem to have and dips just the very odd weed germinating.

    Ill get the turf down this week :)

    Thanks again

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