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Hi fellow members I wonder if you can all guide me to making full use of my new allotment. I say new it is to me it's been along time neglected and I have spent the last two weeks clearing rubble and nettles by the ton.

I reckon it's not been used for purpose for at least 10 years it's approximately 30 metres by 15 it already has a rickety shed I think was used for chickens.

My question is what is the best way to go about preparing the soil for the next twelve months to get the best out of it and advice on what to grow how to plan the calender layout and so forth. Im very open minded but unfortunately unskilled but looking forward to enjoying this project. Any advice appreciated



  • We had a right time with couch grass, long tap roots which if you break then it grows more.

    to get rid of it and clean the soil we grew potatoes in the first year.. it worked the soil was clean as the whistle.

    See if you can mend the shed its handy for your bits n bobs but do not leave tools take them home each time.

    Getting  the soil clean is a must but take your time.

    in the meantime order a load of manure and put it under plastic sheeting for a year. Watch the worms  work its0steam anwork its magic.

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  • Typo on last line of my last message, sorry and I can’t edit it according to the forum software.

    It should read watch the steam and worms work the magic.

  • FlyfiferFlyfifer Posts: 165

    Hi Tony and bren

    I personally would strim off the top growth, creat beds with path between . Deep dig the beds removing as many roots as possible then cover with a 4 to 6 inch mulch of well rotted farmyard manure and let the worms do their work over winter.

    There is a very good thread on the forum called New allotment OMG Part 2 been going for a number of years.

    you should be able to find it using the search function in my messages section.

  • Cheers everybody. I've heard that myself about potatoes  might not be a bad idea to do the whole area il be growing in for the first crop. As for the farmyard manure does it have to be already rotted?


  • FlyfiferFlyfifer Posts: 165

    ref. Farmyard manure yes well rotted ie:- 6 to 12 months old

  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 5,704

    Manure definiately well rotten, too acidic otherwise burns.Will probably kill you digging it all over, I personally would cover the lot in manure, and black plastic.

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