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How Best to Level New Back Garden


Hi guys - newbie in need of inspiration!

We‘ve recently moved into a new house and one of the areas in need of attention is the back garden. Firstly, the previous occupiers never put much time or money into it (other than the huge decking structure!) and secondly it has a really bad slope which I’m not sure how best to deal with.

The property is a semi, but has gardens on both sides. As you look out the rear of the property the garden slopes quite badly from right to left, and also falls back towards the property. We have a 3 year old child with a trampoline and a swing, so would like to somehow level it off, in places at least.

The first “bit” of the garden where we currently have the trampoline is not too bad, but as you go further away from the house the levels get worse.

This is larger than any garden project we’ve taken on before so would really appreciate the shared thoughts / input from the masses.

Photos added.

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