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Hi, need some advice on getting a new mower please.           1.  I have two small lawns 6m x 4m and 4m x 4m                    2.  Need a fairly lightweight and reliable mower                      3.  Able to make stripe effect on lawn                                       4.  Electric cabled or re-chargeable or may consider push mower      Many thanks


  • Hi, I would recommend the Bosch Rotak 40 for a few reasons:

    - The general build quality and the amount of power is brilliant, it is easily able to slice through longish damp grass with no real slow-down of the motor.
    - The cutting height is very easy to adjust and is done all four wheels at once. Other mowers use knobs to control height which I do enjoy but this one comes with a lever.
    - The mower also cuts well to the edges of lawns, the rear roller allowing it to smoothly flow over flower beds, while the front wheels being inset makes for a relatively close trim to walls and fences.
    - One of my favourite elements of this mower is its grass capacity, it is not just big (50 litres) but is actually filled up pretty well in use by the clippings being delivered right into the back of it. I want to emphasise that this is the first time I have seen grass collection quite so good in any rotary type mower. Usually it is necessary to repeatedly lift off the box and tamp the clippings down and backwards in order to make room for more, but it really isn't necessary with this mower's design. Moreover, if you want to check how full the box is getting, you can lift the spring flap door which rests along the top of the box, and look inside. And, if you really MUST squash the clippings back a bit, you can do so through that opening.
    - I also enjoyed the switch controls, which require two buttons to be pressed when starting to mow. This is usual safety feature in electric mowers of this type, but once it is running you need only hold one switch down, and you have got a choice of four separate ones, all of them light and comfortable to hold pressed for long periods if needed.
    - In storage the method for folding down the handle is OK, but not great. While there are quick release cam levers to allow the top section to swing over and down, there is nothing to secure it there when it arrives. This is made more inconvenient by the power cord.
    - It does help that the mower is surprisingly light for its standard of construction, and that there is a second lifting handle for actual carrying moulded into the canopy close to the point of balance. You can hold it up with one hand, and steady it with the other, so getting it into the boot of a car is no real problem, and I'm guessing that a woman or young teenager could do it.

    This is the link to the exact model I would recommend on amazon:

  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 2,911

    It's such a small lawn I think a push mower would be ideal. The mower above would be a bit over the top IMHO. Webb does a push mower with a rear roller for stripes, if stripes are your thing.

  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,992

    Ive said a lot about the Bosch mower above and none of it good!

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