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We are building a house very slowly as finances permit.  The garden will be on the south side of the house.  In front of the build was a pile of garden compost (very large) which has been almost flatten and I would like to start to plan what it could look like.   Nettles etc. are starting to grow like mad.  I'd like to start putting in some plants on the almost flattened compost pile to enable them to become established and then moved to where I want them in the future.   Oh!  By the way, we live next to the plot.   Where do I start!  I don't want to get in way of the build.  The compost heap is on the front left of the first photo.  Build plot behind.  I am looking north. The other photo is what it looked like.  The log pile will have to remain until needed late next year.  It shows the old compost pile.  


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  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Men and machines will show little reverence to plants unless you fence your 'nursery bed' off. Dig over the area and just start planting the perennials you like. But if you are building the house slowly - 2-3 years? you may be better waiting until the spring and buying the smallest and cheapest perennials you can get. They will then have a couple of years in the nursery bed before planting out in their new homes. 

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  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,452

    definitely correct hogweed, can you have a nursry bed in your own garden, start getting some favorites established for the big day, by the way we will ALL be coming to the housewarming party!!!

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