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Not sure if Ferns come under the tropical umbrella. I am in my third year with this one. I bought a second off a friend in a forum.

   This one the original is in the front garden, it never fails even when I moved it to move house.  I water it everyday in summer.



  • Ferns can be found all over the world...not just the tropics.

    It looks like one of the tender ones that needs shelter to survive a winter in the UK.

    A cold winter will kill it if it is not protected.

    Possibly Dickinsonia antartica.

    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • Ooops!

    Correct spelling Dicksonia antarctica.

    Quote wiki....."The fern grows on damp, sheltered woodland slopes and moist gullies."

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    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • I just put a ball of garden fleece in the crown, some encase the log as well but where I live its more rainy than cold. The fronds die back naturally and we either cut them from the log or more recent I leant that we should pull them out.

    I am la member of a tropical plant forum and learnt a lot. Yes it is a Dicksonia antartica one of the more hardy Ferns.

  • There are 100's of wonderful hardy ferns that grow outside in UK...without any TLC in winter.

    Dickinsonia antarctica can survive in Britain,  but only in mild areas given TLC.....

    It can never be described as one of the more hardy ferns.....

    It is the most affordable and easiest to grow of all the tree ferns

    You may find that strong dessicating wind and sunshine will  cause damage to the fronds....normally they need shelter.

    There are also ferns that will not survive outside here as they come from much warmer places.

    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,061

    Dicksonia antarctica originates from cool maritime climatic zones of the southern hemisphere ; they certainly are not tropical . Frosts are not uncommon in habitat .

    Mine (had for 20+ years) stands outdoors with no winter protection other than the cover and dappled shade of a large black pine (Pinus nigra) . Soaked every day throughout the summer months with rainwater , especially the 'trunk' , (as this is the root of the plant ) , it pushes out between 15-20 new fronds per year , and on a typical growth cycle can measure over 6' from tip to tip !

    I'm not being critical here , but yours looks slightly pallid in colour ;maybe too bright a position ?

    I don't know where you reside , but if your winters are too severe the fronds can be cut off as close to the trunk as possible . This facilitates easier 'fleecing' should it be required . It may 'bleed' for several days , but this is absolutely not detrimental to the plant .

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