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My name is Muhammad and I am a Product design student at the University of Huddersfield. We currently have a design brief where we have to create a product for the garden. It could be anything from tools to leisure. We are doing some research and would love to get some feedback from gardeners to see where the problems are when gardening.

By answering the question posed on this forum/social media platform you are agreeing to answer these questions and you are giving me consent to use your answers, albeit anonymously, in my assignment.




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    I gave up after question 2. 

    "How much time do you spend in your garden? *" A day , a week a month?

    9. How do you maintain your garden? * Erm, by working in it?

    *15. Which plant do you find the hardest to maintain? *  ????? If it's hard to maintain, I'd not grow it.

    I'm happy to help, but , forgive me, these are about the most pointless questions I've ever seen .


  • Hmm - just looked  (thanks Hfan) and it would seem I am non existent .....I can either be 65  or 70 plus years of age - no inbetween ? 

    There surely must be a standard that University Students need to attain before they get to the stage of designing a product ?  A test to see if they can sensibly answer their own Survey Questions would be a start .

    Sorry Muhammed but you need to review your survey if you seriously require feedbackimage

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    As is almost always the case, this survey is badly designed. Don't those students get a course in survey design in their university? image

    There is no such thing as a maintenance-free plant or landscape.
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  • It's the teachers off-loading the work onto the students and the students off-loading it onto us!

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    Buttercupdays says:

    It's the teachers off-loading the work onto the students and the students off-loading it onto us!

    See original post

    I don't think so.  I think it is merely a requirement of the course to create a survey, no matter how irrelevant, stupid or how bad said survey is.  It ticks a box just to do it.....weird.  It's not  about research or learning at all.  Clearly these students, and Mohammad isn't the only one and I don't mean to single him out, are just fulfilling a requirement of the course and it doesn't matter how stupid or pointless it is.  I think the  course designers need to rethink this course requirement and give the students a chance to create a survey (if that is what is required) about something they are really interested in.

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    Whatever the purpose, if it's badly designed, ill-conceived, badly written and spelling is awry the best thing is to let them know so they can fix it.   Nor prepared to waste my time on dross.

    The Vendée, France
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    So folks what actually IS "Product Design" and how does it relate to gardening! Now, come on you know those of you who read the papers this week, Freshers Week, sutdenta re too busy getting rat****d, removing their clothes to learn how to spell etc.  I did a few surveys years back in Safeway, thought it was just general regarding my shopping habits.  Lady just outside entrance conducting survey, turned out to be nothing to do with Safeway, got so much junk through the post, and personal questions, I stopped doing them, unless I know exactly what it is, ie. GW mag.

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    Haha, have just read MY spelling etc. students are!! Tut, NB go to the back of the class!!

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    This is the email and the link for the program this student is in. We seem to get surveys from students at multiple universities but it would be interesting to communicate to the professors with feedback about the surveys we get in general.  I don't think this one is any better or worse than many others I've seen.  If anything it makes a bit more sense, although it's incredibly broad. 

    I wonder... if we were going to design a survey to find a need in the market for gardening, what questions would we ask?  

    I have to say if I were given the brief to survey the market about a possible product for cricket players, I wouldn't have the best questions  '(How much beer do you drink during a single inning?) so I imagine it would be quite difficult for a non-gardener to do.  [Note: I chose cricket as something I know nothing about but it could easily be computer programming or scrapbooking or rally driving.]

  • I am a product designer by trade and have to admit that I did the same thing when I was a student (but not to this forum!).

    We were encouraged to gain as much primary information as possible on our desired subject and directed towards niche forums which is probably why we see so many here and at this time of year.

    The students will generally be in their third year of study and working on their final major project.


    From filling out the survey it's clear that you are hoping to find a gem of a reply that could launch your project with a clear route, but without this in mind before hand the survey is too broad to be much use past collecting base facts (like average garden size).

    I hope you find a specific problem that you can look to address which will give you the ability to create a better survey that will hone in on the information that you actually want/need.

    Good luck with your studies!

  • I've done it - I don't think they'll like my replies or my comment at the end  image

    My nephew is a lecturer. He often hands back work to students because they have no idea how to write a legible sentence with correct punctuation and grammar. 

    How do they think they can communicate in the big wide world if they can't make themselves understood? It's really quite important!

    Eats, shoots and leaves springs to mind....image


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  • Hi guys thanks for the replies. We are currently working on improving the survey. We see where we went wrong and are going to fix it. We really do appreciate the feedback. I would much rather make the mistakes now rather than later on. At least now we won't do the same thing  in the future :)

  • Now that IS sensible - good 4  U  imageimage

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    Oh fairy why makes you think they didnt like your replies, what did you put!!

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