Unsure what is harming my potato plants


I planted some potato plants in grow bags two months ago. I bought potatoes with tubers from a garden centre, and that is what I planted. I planted them in compost bought from the garden centre.

They were growing well, and after about 6 weeks I noticed holes in the leaves, perhaps caused by something eating them. So then I bough pesticide from the garden centre, which said it was fine for potato plants and sprayed them. After 8 weeks a lot of the plants have wilted and are bending over, as if they are too weak to stand. Some have dried out completely their leaves and some have grey spots on their leaves. Does anyone have advice on what the problem(s) might be?

I attach assorted pictures showing the symptoms.




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    I think your potatoes have blight - info and advice here https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?pid=217 

    Potato plants are often floppy ... this is nothing to worry about.

    This is not likely to be related to the holes you saw earlier ... a few holes in potato leaves are nothing to worry about either and do not need spraying. 

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  • ok thanks.

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