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How to edge artificial grass?


I am laying artificial grass on my two front gardens ( each 2m x 4m), which isn't walked on at all!  

The garden has been prepared, by removing the previous membrane and gravel top layer, the soil (already very hard) has been levelled and sharp sand to the required depth laid on top.  Membrane has been laid and I am about to lay the artificial grass, along with a surrounding pebble border.  My question is:  how do I secure the artificial grass - surely nailing into the membrane/sand/soil is insufficient??  

I have been looking at 'ExpressEdge' which is a metal interlocking edging that you hammer in to the ground and then glue to grass to adhere - but it is approx £100 for 10 metres... and I need 24 metres - it's more expensive than the grass!!  Any other ideas please as I'd rather not spend £240 to secure the grass

I'm doing this myself with a friend as I have a limited budget, so any advice would be much appreciated.  TIA.  Zoe


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