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Can I save my hawthorn?

My mature hawthorn (around 30 years old) develops leaves in the spring but they become blotchy and fall off in summer.

It seems that it may have a virus. Any ideas how I can save it?


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,060

    Sounds like a classic case of Hawthorn Leaf Blight ; older plants gradually become weaker as the years pass . Blotchy and discoloured leaves , and early fall indicate thus !

    Apparently it is very important to collect and destroy fallen leaves , as they can harbour the fungal spores for the following year . You may have to resort to a severe pruning , which should help initiate new healthy growth for next year .

    Personally I think an old Hawthorn is a treasured and valuable addition to any garden ; far better than the blousy camellias and rhododendrons that most gardeners seem to put great value on  image

    PS Good luck ; for you and your tree !!

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,060

    PPS    :- If you decide to prune severely , remember to sterilise your loppers frequently with a fungicidal solution . May help in reducing the spread .image Strong bleach is as effective as any commercial product , and cheaper .

  • Thanks PaulB3, will try your suggestionsimage

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