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Planting shrubs underneath a tree

We have recently redone our driveway which has a magnolia tree in the centre.  We have created a bed around the base of the tree but have no idea what to plant there.

Would appreciate any advice on which plants to go for bearing in mind that we are not gardeners so would need something which is very low maintenance and preferably fast growing. 




  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,218

    A photo would be really helpful. I'm imagining a small bed two or three feet wide, under a magnolia that casts a fair bit of shade, and I think Sarcococca humilis would give a nice smart evergreen look with almost no maintenance. You can clip it if you want to make it look neat, but it stays low by itself. Shiny green foliage all year and tiny sweet smelling flowers in midwinter.

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