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Rhizomatous three forked plant I found in my woods, please help I.D.

I have found this plant multiple times in my woods, never seen it very large but I figured it was maybe some kind of trillium when I first walked along, upon close inspection ( and btw this doesn't happen much.), I realized I didn't know what it was! I have looked everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE, for this but I can't I.D. it. I live in NC, this was in leaf litter woods, with hardwood tree's. I can also provide root pictures.


  • Have you a photo? 

  • Did it not post the photo? I click add photo but it doesn't do anything. Lemme try again.

  • imageimageimagehere we go!

  • Seen dead blooms on it. If that helps so shriveled it probably wouldn't help the search.

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    It reminds me a bit of Bryony.

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    I'm struggling here ... it looks familiar but I can't place it. image

    Woodlandbotanics ... you should be aware that this is a UK based forum and most of the members are from the UK and western Europe with a few from elsewhere ... we have occasional visitors from the US but if your plant is a North American native you may get more useful responses from a US forum.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on image

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  • I am stumped too. A pic of the flower would have been helpful.

    This is a very good, very active forum in USA.

    Someone there is bound to know your plant.

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    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • This is a UK forum?! Well that explains alot! Whats the wild flora like over there? Well anywho I have grown arisaema, seen ginseng, orchids, and trillium's alike but I haven't ever been able to identify this one. These seem pretty rare around here and only every once in a while do I ever see one, Much less a big clump or in bloom. I'm gonna take this small one I find and see if I can observe it a bit more. Thanks for all the help! And if i'll be watching this thead if anybody had an inkling for what it is.

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