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Flower self-seeding into lawn


I desperately need advice on how to remove and control a flower than is growing everywhere. For various reasons I've been unable to go out into my back garden for a while and I've found the flower trying to take over the lawn. 

I originally planted the flower in a pot from seed. This year it has self-seeded into other plant pots and cracks in the paving which I've either removed or kept. However they are now in my lawn in their hundreds. They are only small leaves at moment.  

How can they be removed from the lawn? The lawn around the edge is not very deep at all, should I did it all up and if so how do lay more lawn? They are mainly growing around the edge so far.

I shall be removing all traces of the flower as soon as I can, but they are everywhere! Sorry but I don't know what the flower is called. 

Many thanks 





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