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A hedge at the side of a green house?

The house I’ve bought has a greenhouse with a hedge along one side.. I don’t know what the purpose of the hedge is and Im considering removing it.. Im thinking it could be to block sun but I don’t know? It’s at the edge of the veg patch. 


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    If you post a photo we can advise you better.  What direction is the hedge relative to the greenhouse?  What plant or plants is the hedge composed of? 

  • IrarIrar Posts: 4

    I’ve not got a picture and I’m out.. I will take a picture later.. but I will describe it.. so if your looking at the entrance of the greenhouse the sun comes up to your left and the hedge is on the right side.. next to the hedge used to be a veg patch.. which we intend it to be again. The hedge is made from different varieties of hedge. I was speaking to a neighbor and they said he planted with Out a reason but I was thinking it could be for shade? 

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    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
  • If it's on the shaded side then I wouldn't worry about it, perhaps they just wanted to hide the ugly greenhouse or something. Just get rid.

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    philippa smith2 says:

    Whatever the reason for the hedge, you will not want it too close to your GH - you need to be able to get around your GH in order to maintain the exterior/ clean the glass or WHY.

    It depends what you plan to use the GH for as to whether you would welcome some natural shade.

    Is the hedge evergreen or deciduous ?

    See original post

    Well this is my first year of having a garden so very new to it.. I’ve got a couple of chilli plants and maybe tomatoes that I want in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is 4x4 and old so I think maybe it was a wind break or to hide it.. the hedge is made of four or more types of hedge i think.. anyway I will remove it as to make it easier to clean. 

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