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How to move perennials into pots to avoid building works

CSNCSN Posts: 1

Hi. We are having an extension built in the spring less than a metre away from a 4x4m square flower bed. I’m planning to move most of the plants in that bed into pots to be housed in another part of the garden. These plants would be roses (David Austin), boules mauve, verbena, Achillea, phlox, verbena bonanrensis etc. If it’s relevant the soil is heavy clay which I’m continually trying to improve, it’s a south facing bed and I live near bristol. Any hints on when or how I should put them into pots. Should I cut down first?  Many thanks 


  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 1,458

    I think you are right to move them as building work is notoriously messy and builders walk over and stand on whatever is in their way. Will the plants only be in pots temporarily? Roses, on the whole don't really like pots, though there are exceptions, but a few months in one won't do too much harm. They should be cut back pretty hard before lifting. Winter is a good time to do this. The herbaceous perennials will come to no harm to be put in pots temporarily and will provide an opportunity to divide them. Now is a good time to do this. Cut them back as you do it.

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  • Aurum66Aurum66 Posts: 65

    I have had to do this several times at different homes for the same reason. There are some plants which are notorious for not liking being moved....I’m currently waiting to see if the peonie the current landscapers dug up and dumped in a pot will pull through, but everything has survived just fine as long as you remember to water them and Feed them if they are still in Pots for a while to come. I have things in pots right now which came out of the border from my Last house about two years ago and they are making do. They’ll go crazy when they are finally planted into their new homes in the ground :)

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