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Robot mower wire layout advice


I have just bought a Bosch Indego 350 and I am confused on how I should place the perimeter wire as I have an arch in our garden separating the 2 halves of the garden.

I have done a very rough sketch and attached a photo of the arch and hope you will be able to assist me in advising which wire layout would be best.

Should I place the wires outside of the arch (the mower will not be able to enter the brown area as I can block it off with bricks - or should I run the wire in the middle of the arch in both directions?

The only issue I see with running it in the middle is the gap is 94cm not the 1m min stated which was why I was thinking maybe it is best to put the wire outside the arch even though it is in an area the mower CANNOT reach (it will not be able to physically get into the brown area by the arch).

Will it confuse the mower if it cannot follow the wire for a small section or would this be OK.image

Thanks in advance!


  • Do the manufacturers/suppliers not offer you any information or advice on this ?

    Seems a bit of a poor do if it only understands straight linesimage

    Hope someone has a suggestion for youimage

  • Yes, but they are closed at weekends so I am reaching out to see if anyone on the forum can help as I would like to get it installed over the weekend rather than wait a whole week until I can do it again.

    It has nothing to do with straight lines, it's how to handle the narrow gap that is the issue. It will follow a wire no matter where you place it, but they state the gap should be 1m min, so that is why I need advice as mine is 94cm.

    Thanks :-)

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,496

    I'm assuming the wire indicates the outer limit of the area to be cut.  That being the case I would suggest laying as option 1 but with the wires inside the legs of the arch.

    It might be worth doing a temporary setup for a small area either side of the arch and see if the mower does what it's supposed to.

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