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Cherry Tomatoe Sick


Hi, about 8 months ago i started being passionate about plants, i bought some seeds with me from Italy to Egypt (where i now live)

among the seeds I had cherry tomatoe seeds. I planted many but they werent growin, thats why i was super happy when one started to grow.

But from a week it started look sick, with white veins appearing on the leaves. Also the new leaves growing look distressed and shrinking

I uploaded a pic. any advice?

thanks for your time


  • It looks as if it could be some kind of leaf miner. If you find a leaf with a newish trail, follow it to the end and see if there is a little bump.

    If so, that will be the critter responsible, so you can just pinch the leaf between your fingers and squidge it.

    Often they are more unsightly than a real problem, but the damage may allow access for fungi or other organisms. I can only guess at what else it might be in Egypt!

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