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    Obelixx says:

    What's wrong with socks, thicker as it gets colder, or leg warmers or even a rug when you're curled up on the sofa?  

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     Nothing wrong with any of those, to keep your feet warm if they're warm already.  But they don't supply heat to cold feet, which microwave slippers do.  Like a hot water bottle.

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    Kitty said "Strap-on lawn aerator sandals image.  Managed about three steps before getting stuck fast." Same here, also went in the bin.
    imageI bought one of these, a manual garden tiller. Couldn't turn it in my clay with limestone lumps and it did such a small bit at a time. Gave it to a friend. She liked it, but she had light soil.

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    I bought one of those, in summer, couldn't even get it into the ground, never mind turn it.  Luckily I'd only paid £5 in a charity shop, so I took it straight back. They've probably sold it five times by now.

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    That sound like the bottle of Dubonnet at a 70s/80s BYOB party.

    I reckon there were only about half a dozen in existence and they were brought from party to party - never opened and passed on by those too broke or too mean to buy a bottle of Blue Nun, Black Tower, Mateus Rose or even a Party Seven.

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    Josusa - you wear the socks and leg warmers to stop your feet getting cold in the first place.  Good thermal or ski socks are great and work in power cuts and in the garden..

    Busy - you could have "planted" that thing upside down and hung bird feeders or lanterns on it.

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    I can't abide tea of any kind. All of them taste like what they are - dead leaves.

    I'd eat the teapot any dayimage

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    Iain R 

    I dont think that is the one i have but I will investigate further tomorrow.

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    Kitty 2 says:

    Useless crapola, which seemed such a good idea at the time?....

    Strap-on lawn aerator sandals image.  Managed about three steps before getting stuck fast. 

    Sorry I have no photos of the offending item to show, they were binned not long after purchase image.

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     Did you strap them to your Clogs Kitty? <snigger> ...{mental image} 

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    I do enjoy all these wry metaphors that begin: "As much use ... ".  A Jewish friend of mine says "As much use as a pork pie at a bar mitzvah.".  As well as a chocolate teapot, I've heard a chocolate fireguard.  But I think my favourite is an ashtray on a motorbike.

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