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imageimageAfter 7 years in this house and lots of work in the garden, we have to find a new house before Christmas this year!! Not very pleasant process to go thru, but feeling better after seeing the potential new house's garden is not huge and manageable.

Would really love some idea from all gardening expert to help create a garden that's suitable for 2 boys for the future, which is 7 and a year old soon. It's a slope garden, neighbours are all paved, stage with steps and layers, so prob we will get into that too. It's facing the living room, not sure about what facing yet. And the front part is facing the main road.

Thank you all in advance!!


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,238

    I would create a flat grassed area at the top, with a wall (timber sleepers or brick?) and steps dividing the garden, and a paved area in the lower third, closest to the back door. Paved path leading to the back gate with a bin store / storage area up there somewhere.

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