New Home Overgrown Garden PLEASE HELP!

Hi guys,

I'm new to Gardener's world and I'm looking for some advice.

I have recently moved into a new home with a garden that has been untouched for years. 

In my front garden I am looking to lay some gravel or slate, enabling it to be low maintenance. I have trimmed the current weeds down using a strimmer and I'm now looking to use a membrane to kill the weeds before adding gravel.

I know that using weed control fabric allows moisture into the soil below. However, will this allow the weeds to grow? I am not looking to plant any plants in my gravel garden.Therefore, would it be more beneficial to use black plastic sheeting that does not allow water to pass through? However, i know this could be a problem for drainage.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a photo of my garden in its current state.





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    IMHO , I think it's a shame you're not going to create a garden.

    Maybe you need the advice of a builder and not a gardener?

  • Weed control fabric doesn't really mean a maintenance free garden.  You will need to rid the area of perennial weeds first.  An industrial grade membrane can then be laid but you will still have the problem of airborne weed seeds which settle and grow in your gravel covering.

    Impermeable fabric will possibly give you a drainage problem as you point out.  

    If you don't want to plant directly into the soil, perhaps some nice pots to break up the expanse of gravel ?

    Whichever way you choose, be assured you will have to do some maintenance one way or another.

  • I would suggest using gallup home and garden glyphosate in 1L, Rate is 24ml gallup per litre of water through a sprayer, this will take about two weeks to kill the weeds, then lay down your weed control membrane



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    Definitely spray with weed killer. You may also need to dig up anything like docks brambles and dandelions. Level the area, then a weed membrane - plastic will cause water to run somewhere - and it may not be where you want. If you cover this with gravel, You will get weeds blowing in so will have a bit of maintenance. I'd be tempted to plant a tree first, or some shrubs, at least add some life to it - it doesn't have to be plant free to be low maintenance plus it will take up some of the moisture from the rain etc.

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