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“Photographing Plants and Gardens” a Talk by Clive Nichols

If you live in the Midhurst, West Sussex area. You may be interested in a talk at our local camera club on the 11th October.

“Photographing Plants and Gardens” by Clive Nichols

Clive will be giving  an insight into why he is regarded as Britain’s leading garden and plant photographer. He will explain the equipment that he uses, as well as how to use light, composition, colour and texture to create beautiful and dramatic images of gardens and plants, as well as demonstrating how to make the most of the great British weather. He brings nearly 30 years of experience with him on this exciting slide show.

Clive’s photographs are frequently seen in magazines, and rarely does a month go by without them appearing in The English Garden magazine. 

This is bound to give us all some good ideas!



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