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Shasta daisy

LLMLLM Posts: 46

I bought this Shasta daisy in the bargain corner looks half dead.

I would like some advice on how to Prune the woody bits and if I should/ when divide the plant.


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  • LLMLLM Posts: 46
    Paul B3 says:


    See original post

     Haha, I wish it was an exciting story to follow! See edited post

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,997

    All meant in good fun !image

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,997

    Hello LLM

    Your Shasta daisy should be finishing flowering anytime now . If there are any green shoots on the plant , trim right down to them , cutting off all dead looking stems also . Replant into good new compost (pH irrelevant) , stand in a sheltered position in its pot outside and keep moist even in the winter months .

    When you decide a suitable place in your garden (bright and open) , it should reward you with a good display next year image .

    PS . Divide either now or springtime ; they're pretty tough although short - lived perennials .

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,997

    PS :- As a bit of a challenge , I like to purchase plants from our local garden centres 'sale-bench' !

    Some 'written off' perennials have blossomed the following year into good specimens . Surprising what you can find in the 'bargain-corners' !

  • LLMLLM Posts: 46

    Perfect, I'll take a look on the weekend. There are a few green leaves at the base. Would be greatt o know whether it's worth dividing now or leaving until Spring

    I find the bargain corner irresistible! ?

    image  image

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,997

    Exactly how I thought it might look ; cut off all dead stems and divide the basal shoots accordingly . You can make quite a few plants out of yours ! Just pot them on like I said earlier and they should be fine !

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