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Fleece time nearly

That time of year again, you may remember last year in an effort to stop the dog jumping out of it's skin every time she went into the garden and was confronted by a large white fleece covering the tree fern. Problem solved by dressing it up, that was when Cyril Snow appeared. I have just heard that Cyril's cousin from north of the border is visiting, his name is Jock McFern, I will send you a photo when he arrives end of October sometime, unless the frost comes sooner in the South. Let's see some other ways of brightening up the old white fleece in the gardens. Do you remember Cyril? image


  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,717

    Oh I love that! I don't have anything that needs fleecing, other than some artichokes and they just get straw, that does look rather more fun however!

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