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Odd growing acer

Hi all,

I bought an acer in the summer, repotted it with mix of compost and ericaceous soil and left it grow. Since it has been repotted it seems to he growing oddly as you can see in the image. Not much growth from the base but really long single branches, is this normal growth?


Any advice would be appreciated. I bought this to keep in a pot for a couple of years and then plant in the ground once I move to a home with a bigger garden!



  • If it were mine I think I would try training before pruning, as is often used for bonsai.

    I would get a long cane to hold that long shoot in a more upright position and then try to re-position the shoots on its left hand side a bit further out, either very gently with wire or by tying a tiny weight to the tip.

    My Acer palmatum does tend to grow in an upsidedown shaving brush shape, but it does help to have it centredimage

  • LLMLLM Posts: 46

    Thanks buttercupdays, great advice which I shall do when it stops raining! I'd rather stay clear of pruning as it is such a beautiful tree naturally.

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