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Organic bulbs vs bulbs coated in neonicotinoids

Alys Fowler wrote about bulbs in last week's Guardian magazine ( Apparently it is now common practice to sell bulbs that have been drenched in neonicotinoids. Neonicotinoids are not something I would ever consider using in the garden, so this will definitely have an impact on my bulb buying. Fowler lists three places where it is possible to buy organic bulbs, but apparently it is still only a small segment of the market. What a mess!


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    It's not just bulbs either ..... some seeds are also dressed in neonics ... and it's difficult to find out from suppliers which ones are.

    All any of us can do is keep pressure on our politicians to support the approach that until these substances can be proven to be safe, then they should not be used. At the moment they are continuing in use until trials can show they are unsafe ..... crazy!



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  • I didn`t know this; Thank you for posting !

    I am living in Holland  at the moment, and have enjoyed the  endless looking fields of tulip colour stretching to the horizon.  Now to think of this chemical mess, as well as the glyphosate browning the fields at the moment, and consider that this land, hard won from the sea by past generations, is being poisoned now !!

    I have subscribed to the organic bulbs company in this country.  I will not buy any more of the other stuff and innocently kill or damage the  insect life that I have attracted to my small garden oasis of flower filled colour.  Thank you  for this information and the links there..

    Surely this is not the reason why I was the only person in my Dutch neighbourhood, to be growing tulips  in my front garden this last spring ! ?


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