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chiltschilts Posts: 51

hi guys,

I bought these on line in September,it was an offer from GW 

through [email protected] 36 plants,6x6 different types,these were the ones that were of use when I got them,

I just planted them as you can see, they have grown ,what do I need to do now, repot or plant out before winter sets in, i have no green house or glass as such just a shed ,

any help would be much appreciated,

kind regards ken.

ps im not sure which are which,they came with label but I mixed them up, only 4 varieties any use,

Kind regards



  • LynLyn Posts: 21,882

    You need to get them in individual pots as soon as possible, I wouldn’t plant them out this side of winter, keep potting on as they fill the pots, keep in cold frame of cold GH and plant out next Spring.

    Is that all you got from an offer of 36 plants, another fallure for T & M ?

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • chiltschilts Posts: 51

    thanks Lyn,

    yes they were £5.99 ,only 20 any good ,when arrived which is the norm TM,only got them because GW advertised this offer,still I will take up your advise,

    I have a shed with large window would this be ok do you think



  • chiltschilts Posts: 51

    imagethis was the label that came with the plants,

    the Gladioli were dead bits of string looking,

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  • chiltschilts Posts: 51

    sorry Digitalis another senior moment


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