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Junipers turning brown then dying


My ground cover junipers of different varieties, my Chamaecyparis (Baby Blue) and even spiral conifers such as Leylandii castlewellan gold are all dying. 

It's like a wave starting in one corner of my garden that is spreading slowly plant by plant.  One branch will start going discoloured then turn brown starting from the tip and moving backwards. The branch closest to the 'source' goes first then it takes the next closes.  Eventually the plant is brown, deal and threadbare of needles. 

I've cut the branch off, dug out dying plants, disposed of soil and dead needles but it continues to spread.  I think I'm going to lose every conifer in my garden, even two new huge spirals.  It's able to jump gaps and paths too.

Anyone got any idea what this could be....can't see any bugs or mites either?


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