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Good afternoon,

I am currently undertaking quite a large Garden overhaul. The existing Garden was generally left to overgrow by the previous owner, and i have since begun with the clearing etc. 

I have several areas that have been cleared, and huge amounts of ivy removed. I am wanting to mulch/cover these 'finished' areas over the winter/spring to stop any weeds from settling. 

Whilst i don't have carpet/cardboard at my disposal, i'm looking at the option of mulching heavily with local Barley straw. I'm talking quite large areas, so opting for straw rather than weed suppressant membrane.

I am looking for a temp/permanent solution, as i envisage many areas will remain un-planted for a good couple of seasons...




  • If the soil has been dug over and loosened then an alternative would be to plant a winter growing Green Manure like Grazing Rye or Winter Tares which will grow over autumn and much of winter.

    Grazing rye is particularly good as a weed suppressant and has a thick root mat to break up heavy soil.

    Winter Tares, as a legume, will also give the added benefit of adding nitrate to the soil from its root nodules.

    Both can be broadcast sown and lightly raked in.

    Both can be lightly dug in to rot in early spring adding organic bulk to the soil.

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