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Thanksgiving Cactus Issues

MaddenMadden Posts: 2


Hello everyone!

I was gifted some thanksgiving cactus cuttings a little while back and recently the smallest of them has deteriorated rapidly in the last couple of days. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me? I'm concerned they have acquired a fungal disease :( 

I'm less concerned about this poor fella's prognosis but more so about my fully grown thanksgiving cacti that have been sharing the airspace.

The cutting is currently watered sparingly and in well draining soil. It sits on a half lit windowsill usually (but has been isolated for the moment).

Thank you! Would help put my mind at ease greatly!


  • MaddenMadden Posts: 2

    I realise this post is likely in the wrong section and find myself unable to delete/move it ? 

    Sorry! Newcomer issues!

  • It looks very plump and shiny and the compost looks dark, so I suspect you haven't been sparing enough with the water.image  Any that runs through the free-draining compost will sit in the bottom of the container as well.

    Try standing it in a shallow saucer so you can see what runs out and tip it away, and only water when the surface is bone dry. You can monitor the condition by the state of the leaves - they get duller, greyer and then wrinkled as they dry out.

    Interesting that you call it a Thanksgiving cactus. Here in the UK it is called Christmas cactus, but mine generally flower too early and miss the mark. Your timing fits betterimage

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