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Do you have neatly stacked pots and tools or is your greenhouse/shed a haven for spiders and old garden furniture.  Is there a disco ball on the rafters or bunting strung along the windows?  I am curious for inspiration for my newly built greenhouse and a bit nosey too!  Please share a picture or two so we can all be green with envy/have a laugh or be amazed.......


  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,532

    Don't have a greenhouse or shed, but use my garage as a shed since we don't have a car.  Two tall cupboards and two small chests of drawers containing gardening and DIY tools and materials.  A spare fridge-freezer which contains the wild birds' food and acts as an occasional overflow to the kitchen fridge when needed.  Stack of logs and other scrap timber for the wood-burning stove.  We don't light it often because it's in a room we only use when there's more company than we can fit in our smaller sitting room so the wood store will last years.  A mower, a shredder, an electric hedge cutter and the recycling boxes.  Bamboo canes, netting, stepladders, plastic garden chairs and tables.  I can usually find the things I use most often, but things do get lost in there.  I forgot to mention the length of kitchen worktop resting on the chests of drawers to serve as a potting bench.  And the radio.  When working at the bench, I listen to Radio Cymru to practise my Welsh.

  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    I used to have neatly stacked pots in the greenhouse. Then a hedgehog spent the evening causing chaos and I've never really tidied up since. The greenhouse is... a mess I really need to sort out now the tomatoes are nearly over. The shed however: everything has it's place although it's place is tightly packed.

  • SussexsunSussexsun Posts: 1,444

    I have two sheds and a greenhouse and both are full of junk. i need to set out and sort them as I bought and put up the second shed to house the garden furniture over winter but now I need to put it away I can't as there is no room.

    In the shedsI have a mix of old lawn mowers, pots, garden tools, half used tins of fence care, old bits of wood and other random rubbish in them. 

    The greenhouse is only small but is disorganised with more old pots, half bags of compost and sand, hand tools, seed trays, garden canes, plant food and sprayers just dumped everywhere.

    maybe this thread will motivate me to sort them.

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