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Banana tree leaves

Ok so I purchased my mature banana tree last year. It was 5ft tall. Its been great, growing taller, producing new leaves. Now all of a sudden the new center leaves are not coming out fully. Current I have 3 attempting to come out. One even had a little yellowing on it. I seriously don't know what to do. Please help!

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  • Sounds quite normal for this time of year sweetfreedom, mine are exactly the same, the leaves die down as the temperature drops, and you will need to start thinking about winter protection if it's in the ground soon. I keep mine (musa basjoo and two sikkimensis red tiger) in large pots, and manhandle them into an unheated garage for the winter, but if yours are planted in the ground, take a look on YouTube for banana plant winter care, as yours may need to be wrapped up or even dug up.

  • Brickman0430

    I live in the southern most part of SC. Its normal even for this area that the leaves stop growing and new leaves are yellowing before the even finish coming out? I'll take a photo so you can see. Sorry they are sideways.

    I'll check out YouTube as you mentioned.

    Thank you for your help.imageimageimage

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