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Tree Disease

Hi, I have a flowering cheery tree which is next to a laburnum tree and it looks like the cherry tree has some kind of disease which the laburnum has also now caught. Anyone have any idea what the issue is here and can it be treated? Pictures of leaves to both below.



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    You have photographed mainly the leaves. Have you looked at the branches and the trunk of both trees? It's hard to tell what the issues are as leaves going brown and possibly dropping off could be lack of water or even wind damage. The Laburnum looks like it's suffering from rust. To look out if there are any die-backs, it tends to start from one branch, do you see this? 

  • Hi, thanks for responding, yes there is die back on the cherry. see attached photo.

    My sub strata is sands and gravels so is very well draining. All that I can think that has changed is that there used to be a large 2m high bush wrapping around the bottom of the tree which I removed 18 months ago so could it be that because I have removed this the ground has dried out in the sun because the ground is not shaded?


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    Thanks for the general view of the trees. So I am assuming you are not seeing any damage to trunk/branches like wounds, cracks etc? How long have you had these trees in the ground? If they have been there longer than 5 years, it's unlikely to be an issue with you stripping the base with another plant wrapped around it. Also, it's unlikely due to shock of planting such a large tree into the ground. But if only a year to two years old, you must keep an eye with the watering, especially in the hot weather. 

    It might be worth cutting a branch off to check to see if there are any signs of Verticillium wilt, a fungal soil based disease that can enter through the roots and spread through the plant.  See below a link to check for the tell-tale signs. If not, it might be a time to assess the tree and give the dead branches a prune and remove the dead stems out and see how it goes next year. Scoop away dead leaves around the base in winter time to avoid any re-infection, just in case.

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