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Planting a tree.

I have bought three six foot Cupressus m Goldcrest in pots about 15 inches across and I want to be certain that I give them a good start so would anyone care to set out what I neet to do and if I .

By that I mean should the hole be proportionately wider and if so by how much?

Should stake them?

Do I need to put any fertiliser in with them?

How often do they need watering?

I just want to make sure that I cover all there needs. 

Many thanks.


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    The planting hole should always be around 20% bigger all the way round based and sides of the pot. You would need to plant more wider if it's bare rooted as the roots tend to be in its natural state which tends to spread in a fan-like direction rather than grow downwards.

    But if they're grown in pots, just dig the hole bigger than the pot by a minimum of 20% larger. Loosen the soil around a bit so the roots can train out into the soil easier and establish better. Mix in compost or similar. Some people like to put in a bit of bone-meal or some Mycorrhizal Rootgrow in the planting hole that is supposed to aid the roots to bond with its growing environment, but that is optional.

    The most important thing is to make sure the back-filled compost/soil is done properly and there is no air pockets. Put a thick layer of mulch on top. Bark chip is ideal, but up to you. Then water the plant at the base very well.

    They will need regular watering if not decent rain after a week. Keep doing this till it's around December and then resume checking with the watering from March onwards. Shrubs need consistent watering for at least the first year because the roots are still quite shallow.

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    Many thanks

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