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daffodil bulbs sprouting now!

We have planted some daffodil bulbs in a pot and they have started to sprout (in September) !

What do we do??


  • LynLyn Posts: 22,859

    You can either try to put them deeper in the pot, or they may slow down when winter comes, they need to be about 5" deep in the compost, that's usually the reason they come up too early. 

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  • Where are you based Kate? 

    We also have daff & Narcissus bulbs coming through, they are in the soil in the driveway.  They do seem to be early, but some of them are near a street lamp which is giving them extra light during the night.

    Lyn is right, they do need to be planted 4 or 5" deep in the soil or pots.  Can you put them somewhere out of direct sunlight for a couple of months or so?

  • I don't think there is any way to hold them back until Spring - lack of light will only cause them to grow faster in order to reach the light. I would leave them alone and enjoy the flowers in November!

  • Thanks for all the advice.... We're in west Wales, so we've not had a lot of sunshine recently, just plenty of rain!

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