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I have laid turf in really muddy conditions and worried it won’t work

Hello all

first time poster long time reader.

My wife and I have recently laid turf in our back garden after cutting away old decking. Unfortunately the weather has not been on our side and the dirt that we want to lay the turf in has become very wet with a soup like consistency in some areas. With the forecast not looking good and the turf season drawing to a close we have been force to lay it now. We compacted as well as we could and laid about 2inches of dry top soil on top of the mud so the turf has a nice surface to bite into.

Right now the turf looks great but we worry about it not taking the surface below and if the mud below will dry out with the cold winter coming.  I am also very worried that it’s going to get water logged even more with the up and coming forecast.

I know on paper the turf might not take but would like any advice or hear from people’s experiences of a smilair situation.

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  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,569

    I'd say, it's done now, so just be patient. 

    I don't think anyone can 100% say what it'll be like in the Spring,but I'd not do much until then. 

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