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fly agaric

Fly Agaric toadstools have appeared in my garden for the first time this year.  Whilst they are very pretty I don't want them eaten by my dogs, rabbits or the neighbouring farmers escapee sheep (regular occurance).  The pigeons seem to love them to no ill effect (unless you include the occasional thuds into the windows!)  Any tips on eradicating them?


  • Fly Agarics are mycorrhizal on the roots of various trees, especially birch and pine. Personally, I really like them and wouldn't remove them. Short of killing the host trees there's not much you can do to stop the toadstools coming up. They have a fairly short season – can't you just remove them by hand if you're concerned about them. Are these pet rabbits or wild ones? If the latter, I wouldn't worry at all. The farmer's sheep are his concern – I wouldn't worry about them either.

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