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Hi, can someone please advise me????????? i've just moved in somewhere and the grass was really long so ive strimmed it presuming i'd be left with a nice lawn but the grass is all thick like roots at the bottom. What can i do to fix it? Do i need to pull it up and throw some seed? Thanks


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    It'll take a while for the grass to start growing outwards and thickening(short  and fat) rather than upwards (tall and thin) but it will happen because mowing stimulates that to happen.  It looks awful now because the base of the grass has been starved of sunlight and looks pale and ill.  

    I'd rake the lawn over with a spring tined lawn rake to remove dead grass (thatch) and any rubbish  and rough the bare patches of soil up a bit and scatter some lawn seed over the whole lawn (this way any difference in colour of grass will blend in).  Now is the perfect time of year to do it while it's damp and still quite mild.

    When the grass seed has taken and is 3 or 4 inches tall, mow it with the mower on the highest setting and mow occasionally through the winter if needed because of possible mild spells.

    In the spring when the grass gets going again mow regularly at least once a week with the mower on medium setting (never mow with it on short).  It'll soon look immeasurably better image

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  • Thanks for the advice and quick response, it's much appreciated??

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