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Reducing height of Sumach

Hello everyone,

My neighbour has a sumach (Rhus typhina) in his garden but over the last year it's put on at least a foot in width and height and still going.  Is there a way of reducing it at all.  I've never pruned a sumach and, as the leaves don't seem to appear along the branches (just at the ends) I'm not sure if it will regrow if he cuts it back by about a third.  If he cuts out a complete branch it will be out of balance.  It's a lovely shape and beautiful colours in the Autumn, just getting a bit unruly.

Any suggestions?


  • Thanks Philippa, I've been looking on here for a while and I did find an old thread about the inevitable suckers.  Any pruning seems to be something you do in Spring before the new leaves appear so I'll pass this information on to him.  He doesn't live right next door, he's a bit away, but thank you for pointing the suckering problem out to me.

    I had no idea you could prune them.  The things you learnimage

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