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Fuschia gall mite

My garden has many fuchsias some are very large plants and have been my joy for many years.  Up to 40 years. Disaster has struck and gall might has taken over several of them.  Some seem to be immune,

i believe there is no remedy. Removal and burning the only choice.

to do this will involve me in considerable sadness and expense. 

Does the soil have to be treated afterwards? Can I plant anything else in the same place

is there any hope at all. Has anyone managed to eradicate this little blighter.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    The soil does not need any treating and you can start planting straight away. It is still possible to grow Fuchsias again if you have removed all your old plants from your garden. You may have had a few plants infected and it spread to other plants. But if you start fresh, you can introduce some over time to see.

  • Thank you for your advice

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