Wasp nest - potential problem

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Does anybody know when I can reasonably expect wasps to leave their nest?

There is a nest below ground in the corner of one of my raised beds and the wasps are still very active. I've left it alone all summer because I know that wasps can be a gardener's friend.

The problem I have is that my landscaper has been booked (for some time) to start work in that area at the beginning of November. He will be lifting and re-laying concrete slabs which abut this corner of the raised bed. He will be replacing the fence at the back of the bed and also reducing the size of the same raised bed.

The wasps haven't really bothered me all summer but I suspect they will be seriously disturbed and angry if they are still there when the landscaper starts and I feel I have a duty of care to him and his assistant. 

I was hoping the wasps might have started to pack their bags about now but they look as busy as ever...

Anybody know for sure?

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    There's still plenty of food around - windfall apples autumn raspberries and the like - and their activity is related to the food supply rather than the weather specifically, as I understand it. When there's not much left to eat, they die off. I should think by November they'll be gone, unless we have a real Indian summer - that's not looking likely at the moment. Pick your fruit, if you have any, including windfalls and stuff going over - the tidier you are the less there is for wildlife to eat. As a rule that's a reason to leave things to die slowly, but in your case, being tidy might encourage the wasps to hibernate sooner rather than later

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    Thank you RG - that makes a lot of sense.

    As there is a largeish patch of autumn fruiting raspberries close by plus well laden apple & quince trees they might not be moving on anytime soon.

    Might have a word with the landscaper to see if he wants to delay doing the work for a few weeks.

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    Heaven is ... sitting in the garden with a G&T and a cat while watching the sun go down
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