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Sweetpea Advice Please



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  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 35,520

    If they get dry Ron, that encourages it, and it can happen quite easily. The more food and water you can give them, the better  image

    I use something around 15 inches scroggin. I put about three to a cane, as I usually sow three seeds to a small pot if I don't sow direct. I had threee canes in those pots, and I probably stuck a couple of extra plants in if there were any left over.

    I put a fair bit of manure in the bottom and then a load of compost and slow release food. Extra liquid feeds of tomato food later in the season . image


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  • MrsFoxgloveMrsFoxglove SurreyPosts: 180

    Fab pic Fairygirl, I'm going to do mum I  containers so it's nice to see a visual for it image

    I want sweetpeas galore image

  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 4,026

    I find they do better somewhere not in full sun all day, I put some in late in my cutting garden bit, by the veg plot, they havent long stopped flowering,  I have also planted some perennial ones in there, given Hubby strict instructions NOT to touch them, he gets a bit carried away sometimes with "clearing up".Got Roger Parsons book, going to go exactly by his recomendations this year, sowing them end of October, and fingers crossed. I usually put them in a huge half barrell in a bed up near the bungalow, lots of manure in autumn, fed with tomato feed, by most years they get powdery mildew when its hot.Next year they are having a bed for cutting flowers we have cleared (of bindweed etc) down by veg garden.

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