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I'm thinking of building a s lean-to greenhouse. The ones available are pretty expensive and not quite the right size.

I was thinking something like this.


I've done a fair bit of carpentry/furniture before, but never worked with glass.

Any tips on designs, materials etc would be very much appreciated.



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  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    Hi Womble.  If you're into upcycling as your name suggests.  Why not look on freecycle or similar for old window frames or French doors you could use.  I've even seen whole conservatories for 99p on eBay when someone wants rid quick for an extension. They often state "buyer to dismantle and remove", think it saves them the cost of a skip image.

  • Thanks for the tips. The polycarbonate looks good, but do you get moisture, moss & mold building up in the cavity?

    I'm all for upcycling. I'll keep an eye out for anything handy.

    The only trouble is, it will need to meet my wife's high aesthetic standards.

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  • You'll get moisture no matter what you glaze it with - ventilation is the key so make sure you build in some vents.  This is especially important in summer as temperatures can climb very high and cook your plants if you're not careful.  Twinwall is excellent stuff and is easy to cut.  I used it on my coldframe which has lasted 20+ years and looks like it will last another 20!

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  • I was looking at different options for vents. The automatic temperature sensitive ones sound like a great idea but a bit too high tech for me. I also looked at electric strip heaters. It won't be very big but it would be great if I could use it through the winter.

  • Deffo free cycle and the like, old doors conservatories, the usual wax filled roof vents arent high tech, trut me, nor am I!!! I do use an electric strip heater in my small lean to.  I also double glaze the whole thing with bubble wrap, lus layer on fleece laid over plants on frosty nights, I have enconomy 7 electricity, and try just to use the heater at night.As for design keep it simple.

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