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Cordoned fruit trees for privacy

My garden is small so I have some fruit growing amongst ornamental plants and am keen to increase. The fence on one side is quite low, so I had considered espaliered fruit trees. I'm now wondering whether cordoned trees would be better as they can be planted quite close together. I know there would still be gaps in winter, but neighbours don't really use their garden so I don't need full screening. I would just like to feel less exposed. Their garden is bare so I can see right across the the garden the other side of theirs, too. They wouldn't like anything to hang over the fence and would probably cut it off, so I thought cordoned trees might be ideal.

Does anybody think this will work? Or will they not provide a feeling of privacy?


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    Any thoughts?

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    I have an espaliered pear as a 'fence' between the dining area on the terrace and our fruit and veg patch. In summer it provides quite a bit of 'cover' as the new growth isn't pruned until late summer, and even after that it still provides a reasonable 'barrier' between the two areas. I'd go for it.  We grow Concorde ...  Delicious. 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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    I’ve got cordon apples and pear in the garden and they enable me to have lots of different varieties in a small space, I’ve just been out and took thease pictures for you to see,


    Ive had a good crop of fruit off them this year.

    If you go for cordons or espalier make sure you have a really good post and wire structure in place, you will be surprised how heavy thease trees become.

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