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Really good books

I would really like to purchase a good up to date flower encyclopedia so that I can make better choices on what to plant when. The current RHS book is 2010 and I am sure there must be ometing more up to date.


  • Hi 

    I would suggest the expert books by Dr.Hessayon .

    They cover all aspects of gardening and horticultural areas including flower, shrubs, lawns etc. They come in pocket size and have a great detail on the subjects.

    For flowers, I would suggest the pocket flower expert that you will be able to buy at most GC . It's includes specific detail on perennial plants including indexing on propagation and site and soil. Excellent in pocket size so it's convenient to use 

    hope this helps

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    The problem with flower books is that you see loads of must have plants and then can't track them down or they are not suitable for your area. I would suggest you visit local open gardens throughout the year and make a note of plants you like. And haunt your garden centres throughout the year for ideas. You can then refer to books when you get home - rather than starting the other way round. 

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  • Hogweed


    The book I suggested catalogues all the specific details of the plant so you are made aware if the plant you are considering is the right one for your garden 

    i do not see any harm in having a specific books that gives you all the details for a perennial, annuals, or biannuals. That is why I suggested the book in my comments. It's has been a very beneficial book to myself and others. There are a multitude of plants on offer at GC and online and for the novice gardeners it is advantageous to be able to cross reference the specific name of the plant in the book. They would then be aware of its growth rate, site, soil, pests, flower colour etc. 

    I am aware that the Internet will give you a lot of info on plants etc but imo, this pocket book is well worth having 

  • Thanks Hogweed and Steve,

    I have just had a sneaky look at the "Expert" series on Amazon and I think that your advice is good and I shall have another look followed by an order.

    Many thanks for you advice


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053


     not criticising your choice of books. I did say to check the books when you get home but there is nothing better than seeing plants that grow well locally 'in the flesh' for a beginner. 

    'Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement' - Helen Keller
  • Hogweed


    Not taken as critisism my friend 

    Just to clarify, the pocket size of the expert books could conveniently be taken to a GC and would be used when viewing the plants. 

    More info so you make the right choice can't be bad ?

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