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Need a compact evergreen plant for screening

imageI need something compact and evergreen to provide an element of screening for this corner. It is the view from my door.. West facing, open to the wind, adjacent to a narrowpath under which soil drains run ! Prefer not to use a conifer. Help please ! I have trawled every site imaginable and can't find the right thing, I'm sure there is something out there.

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    What is the size of the space you wish to plant it and the height. Looking at the picture, it is not clear. I'm guessing it's where you are standing where you took the photo? When you mention 'compact', is this a plant that does not spread or are you looking for something that grows to around a meter to two meters in height but no more. Do you know the soil type too? It just helps to narrow down certain shrubs.

  • I want to plant something in the nearest corner of the bed to the right of the picture, to screen the public parking area as much as possible. 2 metres height would be good, but not too wide a spread. Soil is heavy clay . An climber  an obelisk might work but struggling to think of a soft but evergreen one. 

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    Most shrubs will need some initial training/pruning to form a shape that is needed, and the two evergreen shrubs I have chosen respond very well for that. They are not too agressive and are easy to manage.

    Sarcococca Confusa, the Sweet Box has deep green glossy foliage that can be pruned to be dense or pruned to be informal. Reasonably fast growing but not aggressive and hard to control. Will do well in your soil and has lovely dark berries and small flowers into the winter months that is scented.

    The other shrub is one of my favourites. Rhamnus Alaternus 'Argenteovariegata', the Italian Buckthorn. Can be pruned to shape or pruned to form to a loose and natural looking shrub. I have even seen it shaped into a tree. The variagated foliage will be filled with small flowers in late spring and then small red berries ageing to black will form into the autumn time. Quite show growing to begin with but if your area is small, this shrub will be easier to control and shape when larger.

  • Thank you ! They both look great, but reading more I think the second would be ideal. We live on the coast and actually we have a dual aspect plot which is sunny from late morning till sunset. I do know this shrub of old, in my pre-gardening days, and it is lovely . That might just fit the bill,

    thanks for your help.

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    Great, this shrub is a very good coastal shrub. The leaves are tough and will cope with a bit of wind and salt. I think it will be a nice bright colour near your entrance. They can cope with a bit of shade too.

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