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I have health issues (Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia amongst other things) and live with my 78 year old mother so we are now looking for something easy to maintain by hopefully ripping the current lawn up and using artificial grass instead. We were also thinking of maybe having high trenches (maybe 3 – one on each side) so that we do not have to bend down to plant (this is too difficult for us). Our lawn is very small, approx 24ft x 15ft (with a small area of paving just before it). Our budget is small.  Does anyone have any advice/recommendations? If needs be I  would consider paving the whole lot over if the  costs for an artificial lawn is too expensive.  

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  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,531

    Paving gets weeds in the cracks, so it will need some maintenance.  As for keeping costs down, if you're not using Freecycle, you should, though you have to be quick to take up offers, as anything garden-related is always snapped up quickly.  This forum has a seed swap, and elsewhere there is an online green plant swap, which is locally based.  Contact your local volunteer bureau and ask if they have anyone that could do some of the work for you, but they'll probably need close supervision!

  • Thanks very much....we have a bad weed problem on the lawn so guess the paving might be a bad idea.  I will look into seeing if there is local volunteering 

  • I have 2 dogs and last winter our grass lawn was in very bad condition so I got a quote for artificial grass (good quality). After falling off my chair, I spent this spring aerating overseeding and feeding the lawn. Decent quality artificial isn't cheap I'm afraid.

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