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Hydrangea v blueberry

When I moved here, I inherited a big old container with a single bare woody stem in it.  A gardener advised me to keep the woody stem as he suspected it was still alive and might come back (even though neither of us know what it was).... so I did.  I bought a pink hydrangea and planted it alongside.  

Two years later the mystery stem turned out to be blueberry and it produced a massive crop of teeny tiny blueberries. 

now the container needs a little top up if soil and I don't know what to use!  I don't want blue hydrangeas and I'm debating if I need to separate the plants so that they can each thrive?  Manure is too rich for blueberries and ericaceous might change the colour of the hydrangea (I assume). 

Any ideas?


  • I would separate them.  The blueberries require a pH of around 4.5 which is quite acidic and they have very fine feeding roots near the surface which can easily be out-competed.  If thefruit are really small, they could even be bilberries which pack a lot of flavour into those tiny berries. image

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  • Thanks so much!  Billberies!  will Have to pay more attention next year! image

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