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Privet hedge dying

Hi All,

Our well established hedge is slowly dying off, from one end to the other.

In the photos you can see the end section that has died, the middle section that is dying and the other end section that is currently unaffected.

I've tried to include some close ups of the actual leaves as well.

Does anyone know what the cause of this is and if so how it could be treated?

Would really appreciate your advice.

Many thanks,


imageimageimage image


  • My best bet would be a fungal root infection, either honey fungus or phytophthora:

    Treatments aren't available so the best bet is to remove all affected parts of the hedge plus the next unaffected one, as that is likely already infected.  The affected soil will need to be dug out and replaced unless you plant different species which are immune.  Not good news, I know.

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  • gbatt4gbatt4 Posts: 2

    Hi SteveD,

    I'm having the same situation with my hedge.  Do you mind telling me where you live?  I'm curious if it's a local thing.  I live in Los Angeles.  Thanks.

  • SteveDSteveD Posts: 3

    Thank you Bob, and hi gbatt4.

    It seems this problem is worldwide - I live in North London, UK  :-)

  • gbatt4gbatt4 Posts: 2

    Did they all end up dying?  Were you able to save them or did you have to replace?

  • SteveDSteveD Posts: 3

    I will have to replace them all sadly

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