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Hi all. I hope someone can help me with a fuschia problem. I planted a number of fuschia thus year and they all look great except this one. I'm struggljng to identify the problem and a remedy. Any help gratefully received. Many thanks. image


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687

    It does look like rust. Any leaves dropping off, remove and don't leave them lying around. You can cut them off if you want, but make sure your equipment is cleaned thoroughly afterwards. In the winter time, scrape away the top layer of soil around the affected plant and lay new layer of compost/mulch. 

    Make sure your plants are growing in ideal conditions. Watering needs to be consistent, whilst most plants don't like sitting in damp soils, lack of water or inconsistent watering can weaken the plant and they are more likely to suffer from these issues. 

  • Thanks so much. I will follow your advice. Sarah

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