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Lavender plugs

Hi all. I'm a newbie to this planting game and have just moved house which has a small south facing patio and a small back garden. I have just been bought 24 lavender plugs and I'm not sure how to look after them. My plan is to have them in pots but I'm not sure how 1 plug ends up. Can I pot 12 per big pot or do I need to do some prep first. Please note I'm in rented accommodation so want these to be portable if I move out and theres no option of a green house. Thank you all so much for any advice. 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,262

    They will be tiny at the moment, so pot on into 7 cm pots of free draining gritty compost. If you can only get multipurpose compost, add some extra horticultural grit. Keep in a protected place over winter. A cold frame or cold greenhouse if you have one, or up against the house wall. Inside the house will be too warm.

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